The production of polythene, (or polyethylene), is probably one of the most popular plastic film, it constitutes 40% of the worldwide polymers in this sector.

Starting from the end of the 70s, a period in which there was a boom in its production, this film is still today one of the most used in the field of the flexible single use packagings. This kind of film is generally used for wrapping fresh food.

The polyethylene packaging does not corrode and is resistant to chemical agents. Moreover, the wrappings made of this product resist well to water and shocks thus making them useful for several production fields.

The complete lack of toxic elements has made it possible for the polyethylene to successfully replace noxious substances as Kevlar and PVC. Also, its characteristic of being impervious to liquids makes it very fitful in the flexible wrapping of the food industry.

Polyethylene is commonly used in the production of food wrappings: it is reduced in a very thin plastic film to be used to wrap food. This product has good anti-adherence properties and so it’s used for covering food, cardboard boxes and other similar covers in the floriculture field.