Coextruded bi-oriented polypropylene

The coextruded bi-oriented polypropylene is highly appreciated for its rigidity exclusiveness. This film can be worked on to obtain thin films while maintaining its inflexibility, that are three-times superior to the ones of cast polypropylene and eight times to the polyethylene. The bi-orientation process takes place at very high temperatures, close to the fusion point of the plastic film. This process is split into two distinct stretching phases: both a vertical and a horizontal one.

Nowadays there is a high demand for the production of this film, thanks to its great transparency and brightness it has become superior even to the ones of cast polypropylene.

The reason why this film is widely used lies in its great brightness and inflexibility characteristics but also thanks to the very low production costs.

The coextruded bi-oriented polypropylene films are the best choice for the flexible packaging both for food products and for other uses that always require a resistant, isolating wrap.

Moreover, given the slippery and anti-scratch characteristics this film has, it is ideal for printing.