About us

Policart Industria srl is a dynamic and an expanding company. Our working field is in the production of flexible packaging made of paper, polyethylene and polypropylene used for packaging industrial, artisanal and food products. The company has been active for twenty-five years in Campania and has acquired expertise in the warm micro-piercing and compressed air macro piercing of polypropylene and polythene films in the food industry (i.e. bakery, dairy, fruit and vegetables). Policart works also for the horticultural field and in warm micro/macro piercing of polyethylene for frames.

Moreover, the industry produces and sells fixed sheets of paper and reels of smooth paper, PVC, bi-oriented, anti-fog, plain, single folded and coextruded polypropylene and polyethylene, heat-shrinking polyolefin for any industrial and artisanal applications. Our materials can also be employed in fields such as pharmaceuticals, houseware, clothing and so on.

The industry also sells, printed or neutral PVC and polypropylene scotch-tape, extensible polyethylene films, labels and cardboard boxes.

The family-owned organization of the industry allows work flexibility and a quick delivery service, arranged with our own fleet on a weekly basis in Lazio and Campania; delivery in other regions and abroad is provided by renowned transportation companies.

We strive to be as flexible in our job as our films: we offer our specific knowledge in packaging for our customers. All the films we sell, for the food industry or other uses, are flexible, heat resistant, low density and notable mechanical features.

Our manufacturing industry is very serious: we always try to improve our quality and environmental standards. Our goal and responsibility is to create a one-to-one proposal for each query we receive.