Warm micro piercing of polythene and polypropylene

The micro-piercing process can be applied to mono and by-oriented films of polyethylene and polypropylene.

One of the wrappings we come in contact and use every day are those for packaging bread and oven products. These films are obtained through a warm micro-piercing process.

Using a rewinding machine, the film will pass through a set of micro piercer’s and rewind on the other side in order to obtain customized micro-pierced reels with a specific density.

This machine needs to be carefully checked so that during the whole micro-piercing process both the needle temperature and the speed don’t change. Otherwise, the pierced film can break down and result nonfunctional. The micro-pierced films allow transpiration; these films are used for wrapping bread and other oven-baked WARM products. 

Depending on what product has to be wrapped the micro-piercing machine will create a different strip. This process started with the technological innovations that were introduced in the 80s: it has made daily packaging faster as well as improving its hygienic conditions.