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The original reels are unwinded, cut again and rewinded to form smaller and handier reels. Then they can either be used for another cutting process or directly used by customers who have industrial packaging machines. The reels are very resistant and they represent the most immediate solution for packaging large products.

We offer cut, micro/macro pierced, smooth and single folded reels: their density and thickness are customized. They can be used to pack pallets, envelope flowers and also in the transport industry.

Moreover, the reels are used to cover boats that need shelter against hazardous weather conditions.

The standard size of reels is always available, but we can also produce customized reels based on demand.

  • bobbineReels: product for customers that have a packaging machine. We sell them in polypropylene and polythene; they can be smooth, printed, micro/macro pierced full and partial band. They are available in plain sheets and mono-folded.
  • Extensible polythene reels: this product is particularly useful for wrapping pallets and smaller objects like a stick for frames or aluminum sticks.
  • Joint reels of diverse thickness and materials: for customers that have a packaging machine. The film, generally for food use, is thicker and it has a better barrier to preserve goods that can be frozen as well.
  • Thermo shrinking PVC reels in a plain sheet and monofolded: specific to wrap boxes for industrial use although this material can be used also in the food industry.
  • Polyolefin anti-fog thermo shrinking reels: the polyolefin film has high tearing resistance as well as high resistance towards oils and solvents, in fact it can come in contact with food. The polyolefin thermo shrinking reels narrow out when in contact with warm products while the anti-fog treatment prevents the formation of vapours. Policart sells them in smooth, plain sheet and mono-folded. They are mainly used in the fruit and vegetable field.
  • Thermo shrinking polyolefin reels: they are reels specifically used for food and its peculiarity is that they shrink when in contact with heat. Policart sells them smooth, micro-pierced, plain sheet and mono-folded. This film is generally used to wrap sweets, cookies, bread and taralli.