History of flexible packaging

In Italy, flexible films were first introduced during the industrial development that started in the 60s. It was a true revolution and as a result, the plastic polymers became part of our everyday life.

During this period of transformation, the volume of Italian production reached the same as the countries with the most ancient industrial tradition. The habits and behaviour of the families changed: there was a true economic boom. The introduction of plastic was life changing, a lot of the objects of ordinary use were affected by it.

Within all the industrial fields, what was previously made of paper, cloth or other more expensive materials, started to be produced in plastic,that became far cheaper.

Moreover, the introduction of thermoplastic polymers in the industrial production took place in the first half of the XX century, becoming very popular in the early 60s. Even if  polyethylene was synthesized in the laboratory in 1940 it became popular only a decade later. On the other hand, the use of polypropylene was immediate. It was patented in 1954 and thanks to its resistance, cheapness, multiple uses, it was employed for the production of a lot of common objects.